Assistance in Launching Research Initiatives within the Company
Assistance in Launching Research Initiatives within the Company
Assistance in identifying the reasons for slow user growth in the digital product.

  • Identify effective ways to retain and engage the current user base.
  • Attract new audience segments.
  • Maintain market position in a changing competitive environment.
  • Test ideas quickly and cost-effectively.

Search for the first researcher with leadership skills to join the product team.

Results for the Client
  • Identified a versatile specialist with team management experience and verified their skills for working as a researcher in an IT product.
  • Launched initial projects to address key challenges from the company founder, utilizing external resources.

Results for the Client
The company lacked a culture of testing ideas through research, and other specialists lacked the necessary competencies to hire a researcher internally. Clear expectations and understanding of the researcher's role within the company were not established. We assisted in structuring the entire hiring process for the researcher, including defining interview sections, participating in resume screening, and conducting the initial assessment to verify the required skills.
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